MK1 GTI Track car build!


Hello Peeps!!

I bought a MK1 GTI which I plan on on stripping to a bare shell and then doing a restoration/prepping for a track car with the option to convert it into a GTI Challenge car once I am not new to track days anymore.

You guys can see the build page here!

America's Army release date announced.


That's right ladies and gentlemen, the guys over at America's Army announced the release date. Read more here.!! HooaH!

America's Army Updates


The guys over at America's Army were quite busy the last couple of months with the release of version 2.8.5. and also with updates on the upcoming version 3. You can read all about the newest news on my America's Army page.

The new year brings new things!


Hello guys.

The technical diy section is starting to take shape once again with new articles. For all you Citi drivers that wish to go oldschool check the new "Converting your Citi Golf to an oldschool/euro Mk1" article created by Gavin Haywood aka Gavh on the forum.

Season's Greetings


I would just like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas. I also wish you guys fantastic holiday's and a happy new year. For those who are travelling during the season, may you have a save journey. May 2009 bring you only good things!

Ek wil net graag vir almal n geseende kerfees en n voorspoedige nuwe jaar toewens. Mag julle wie ver ry veilig terug verkeer na julle bestemmings. Mag 2009 julle n oorvloed van goeie dinge gee!

Keep save and happy Dubin.

May God Bless you all




Heelo everyone. I made a couple of changes to the Technical Section. and I also updated my Caddy's profile with newish fotos. I also updated and changed a lot of smaller things you might not even notice.

Keep save and happy Dubbin

Website and it's changes.


Hey everyone.

I moved the site to another domain recently, and since then I've been updating and adding a lot of sections and pages. Everything should be up and running by the end of this weekend. I'm adding a couple of new additions to the website. Watch this space :p hehe. I still need to sort out a few things with the navigation bar on the left. It's not working and looking good at the moment. In the meantime have a look at the new America's Army (AA) section.

Quick little update...


Hey peeps.

I have done quite a lot of things to the Caddy Club lately. To mention just a few, I have removed all factory decals, fitted some newer spec OEM goodies to improve the look a little bit more and of course I've fitted a set of rims :)

Check out the Caddy and the progress so far under Profiles. There's still a ton of things to be done before it will look like I wanted it to though. I'm in no hurry to achieve the look I'm after so keep popping back to see how it gets transformed ;)

Keep save and Happy Dubbin


An update for a change...


Ok, things changed quite a bid since the last update.

Before I get to the the update I would like to thank my friend Mario for helping me sorting out the Corrado, without him I would have been stuck big time. Also I would like to congratulate him with his new ride, a late spec MK3 GTI. Happy Dubbin bud :)

I'm still in the process of taking the MK1 GTI of my brother's hands, but something more important came up in the meantime.

I had to buy a Daily-Driver for work, since I'm working on site more often now. And of course the Corrado is only for weekend fun so using it wasn't even an option. The first car that jumped into my mind was a MK1 Caddy Club. After many hours of searching I found one, and it is perfect for what I need. The KM's is a bit steep, but once you saw the underside of this Caddy you will understand why I decided this is the right one. The car rolled of the production line in 2002, but it does not look like this little pickup drove over dirt road ever in its life, that's how clean the underside is. I updated the Profiles section with pictures and specs of the Caddy Club. Go check it out :)

Keep Safe and Happy Dubbin


Quick update on what is happening.


Well I haven't done any updates recently due to the Corrado keep on breaking. I had some bad luck with the Corrado in the past couple of months. It's still not sorted completely but we are getting there. I'm not going to bore you with what happened but let's just say it is a never ending story. The one problem after the other appears. Hopefully I can get the car sorted and actually attend some of the VWCLUB's events before the year has passed :)

Some other news is that it looks like I am going to take ownership of my brother's MK1 GTI in the near future. He seems to be getting too old to handle VW "killerwatts" so he bought a pickup. (Just kidding bru)

Keep an eye on the profiles section to see what it looks like and what my plans are for this little beast. I don't have any pictures yet but I'll get some half decent pictures once the car is mine :)

Keep Safe and Happy Dubbin.


Welcome to my site.

I created this page dedicated to all VW Enthusiasts. The biggest one of all is myself of cause :) I am a VW nutter and can't imagine how my life would have turned out if it wasn't for these wonderful machines, how boring it would have been without it. My first VW was a '83 MK1 Golf 1.6 which I later sold (still heartbroken). I currently own a '90 VW Corrado 1.8 16v.

My interest in VW started long before I even had a Drivers License. I used to visit my cousin and his dad over weekends and holidays, when I was still in school. They both were VW Mechanics, so being around them was like growing up in a VW garage. This is where I learned just about everything I know about water-cooled Volkswagens. And this is where I got my love and passion for Volkswagens. As my cousin is a Volkswagen fanatic himself, I couldn't have been in better company. Although at the time I was only dreaming about owning a VW Golf myself. I believe it was during this time that I truly developed the passion for these cars. And after I bought my first Golf a few years later it just got bigger.

I then moved overseas for a couple of years and pursued for something more unique and newer than the ageing MK1. So after 18 months of deciding what to go for I finally bought a Corrado in July 2004. VW South Africa never imported the Corrado here so at the time it definitely was the best car to export back to South Africa. So in December of 2004 I exported her and I took delivery In May of 2005 again. It was during this time that I also sold the MK1. The Corrado is currently undergoing some cosmetic enhancements to celebrate the upcoming 2 years ownership :) Have a look in the Profiles page for more details about my car...

Enough with the blabber for now


Hugo de Wit